Monday, May 14, 2012

Thesis Show + Mini Books

I haven't updated in a while; I've been busy with graduation, packing, and moving to Brooklyn. Here's a picture of my set up for my thesis show. I also had a mini table for a portfolio, business cards, and a copy of my booklet.

I had always planned to make a magazine as part of my thesis. Each booklet contains 8 double-sided sheets, folded into half to make 32 pages with content. I am really thankful for Ringling's printers and mat cutters. They were my best friends during the last week of school. I will miss them a lot.

Makes things a lot easier!
Are you wondering how I took these photos?
It was pretty cool to see the pages all lined up like this. I thought that particular spread fit into the imagery (colors, subject, mass production).

I made a total of 60 books, and I gave some of them away to friends and teachers. The rest I will be giving away as promotional material ;)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rest of my thesis

Who or what makes a team? MVP? Supportive teammates, coaching staff, cheerleaders?
The Cuban Missile Crisis. My original idea was to illustrate a mortar & pestle and gunpowder instead of the cigar and ashtray, but that didn't work out.
Capitalism, the US economy, and Monopoly.
Ideas need to be nurtured and grown.